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On iOS 7

﷽ – As-salaamu alaikum. As many websites including this one are showing, after less than 24 hours since the release of iOS 7, more people are on iOS 7 than on iOS 5. My own statistics for Qur’an Memorizer show that about 2% of users are still on iOS 5, and 6% are on iOS 7.

InshaAllah, the next version of Qur’an Memorizer will no longer run on iOS 5. This will give us the ability to use functionality that’s been introduced since iOS 5. I haven’t decided yet whether or not it will support iOS 6 and iOS 7 or just iOS 7. If the vast majority of users are on iOS 7, then it will make sense to move over to iOS 7 only.

As for the current version – it runs just fine, alhamdulillaah, under iOS 7.